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 [R]  :additive
 [R]  :fullname
 [R]  :level
 [R]  :name
 [R]  :outputters
 [R]  :parent
 [R]  :path
 [R]  :trace
Public Class methods
root() src

Returns the root logger. Identical to

global() src

Returns the root logger. Identical to Logger.root

[](_fullname) src

Get a logger with a fullname from the repository or nil if logger wasn't found.

get(_fullname) src

Like Logger[] except that it raises NameError if Logger wasn't found.

each() {|fullname, logger| ...} src

Yields fullname and logger for every logger in the system.

each_logger() {|logger}| ...} src
log_internal(level=1) {|| ...} src

Internal logging for Log4r components. Accepts only blocks. To see such log events, create a logger named 'log4r' and give it an outputter.

new(_fullname, _level=nil, _additive=true, _trace=false) src

Logger requires a name. The last 3 parameters are:

level:Do I have a level? (Otherwise, I'll inherit my parent's)
additive:Am I additive?
trace:Do I record the execution trace? (slows things a wee bit)
Public Instance methods
validate_name(_fullname) src
deal_with_inheritance(_level) src

Parses name for location in heiarchy, sets the parent, and deals with level inheritance

level=(_level) src

Set the logger level dynamically. Does not affect children.

additive=(_additive) src

Set the additivity of the logger dynamically. True or false.

trace=(_trace) src

Set whether the logger traces. Can be set dynamically. Defaults to false and understands the strings 'true' and 'false'.

parent=(parent) src

Please don't reset the parent

outputters=(_outputters) src

Set the Outputters dynamically by name or reference. Can be done any time.

add(*_outputters) src

Add outputters by name or by reference. Can be done any time.

remove(*_outputters) src

Remove outputters from this logger by name only. Can be done any time.

is_root?() src
==(other) src