CCP4 porting instructions for GNU-Darwin
(updated: Thu Oct 25 13:19:16 EDT 2001)
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Porting instructions

Warning, these instructions are still a work in progress and may contain inaccuracies or omissions. Send any email regarding this document to Michael L. Love. Please remember that the GNU-Darwin project is in pre-alpha, so this procedure is for the adventurous. Almost all the packages work, but there are still many problems. Join the project, if you want them fixed.

"Please check the CCP4 licensing conditions."

1. Install the GNU-Darwin base files from the One Step Installer, Bootable Installer CD or Net Installer. Some additional math packages may be helpful too. Execute the following command as root.

    lynx -source | csh

    (ignore /var/db/pkg/*** errors)

2. Install GNU-Darwin Fortran with the following command.

    pkg_add -f \

3. Get CCP4 and untar it in a directory named /usr/local/ccp4

4. Set the following variables.

    setenv RANLIB ranlib
    setenv CC cc
    setenv LNS "ln -s"
    setenv MAKE gnumake
    setenv F f
    setenv M4 "gm4 -D_f2c=1"
    setenv XFFLAGS "-Nn1604 -Nx800 -NC1584 -Nc40 -funroll-loops -ffast-math"
    setenv FOPTIM -O3
    setenv INSTALL_PROGRAM install
    setenv INSTALL_DATA install

5. Comment out the following line in the configure file as follows.

    #PWD=`pwd` # not always defined

6. Execute it with the following command.

    ./configure -srcdir=/usr/local/ccp4 --bin=/usr/local/ccp4/bin --lib=/usr/local/ccp4/lib -with-f2c --disable-ccif generic -hush

7. Type 'make'. There will be many errors in lib/src that will have to be addressed as you go along. It may be helpful to switch between fort77 and f77 for various steps of the build. Incidentally, g77 has been successfully built, and it will soon be ready for general distribution. This advance is likely to aid the CCP4 building process considerably.

8. Monitor the building of the libraries carefully, correcting all of the errors that arise, and you will be able to build almost all of the applications at the later step. Building the libraries is quite an arduous process requiring a knowledge of c and fortran, as well as ar and ranlib. I can provide diffs for the lib sources on request, but even with the diffs the build will have to be monitored carefully to assure that each object is correctly loaded into the library. For the future, I recommend that a libtool be configured for this step.

9. After the libraries are built, 'cd /usr/local/ccp4/src' and 'make'. Almost all of the applications should build.

10. 'cd /usr/local/ccp4' and 'make install'.

11. If you want to build the X11 apps, cd /usr/local/ccp4/x-windows/ and configure as best as you can. This is likely to be a little different for every installation. Here are some files that may be of use.

That last one was required for xdlmapman to correctly access the xdl library.

Michael L. Love/proclus/GNU-Darwin link block
Michael L. Love/proclus/GNU-Darwin link block

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