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X Northern Captain (XNC) is a file manager for X Windows. XNC has the same ideology as Norton Commander but also many additional and specific functions including a Virtual File System (VFS) with support for tar, zip, rar, rpm, deb, bzip2, and lha archives, FTP support, built-in terminal, viewer for JPEG, GIF, BMP, TGA, XPM, and XBM formats, an editor, users menu, extensions sociation, bookmarks for frequently used directories, and more.
  • Two panels with highlighted directory listings give You simple and easy way to manipulate files on Your system. 
  • Built in xterminal window for executing shell commands.
  • Bookmark feature allow You to remember Hot Directories and quick changing to it. 
  • Virtual File System can manipulate files in popular archive formats and over FTP connection as easy as with files on normal Disk file system (DFS).
  • Wide variety of file operations:
    • Browse directories on disks, archives and FTP sessions
    • Copy/Move files from virtual file system
    • Delete files 
    • View files in text/binary modes or as images
    • Edit text files in builtin or external editor
    • Execute files from any type of file system
    • Change attributes of files
    • Change owner of files
    • Create archives
    • File, directory and system information
    • and more... (see commands for complete list)
  • User difened file associations with your favourite applications
  • Configurable user menu for often using commands.
  • XDnd v3 - drag and drop protocol for mouse fans, that allow dragging files between xnc and many other polular applications like GNOME and KDE apps.
  • Free way for defining your own hot keys to xnc commands via xncsetup tool.
  • Skin plugins and color changing schema allows xnc to be configurable as you wish
  • Many other configurable feature are accessible in xnc configuraion window.

XNC is written in C++ and ported to many unix platforms, so you can use it on your favorite OS.

For detail information about:

  • Various installation schemas and process see Installation.
  • Virtual File System organizations see VFS support.
  • Panel conception and work with it see Panels.
  • Bookmark manipulations see Bookmarks.
  • Full list of xnc commands with description see Commands.
  • How to write extension association file see Extensions.
  • Define you own user menu in User menu.
  • Default hot key mapping to xnc commands see Hot Keys.
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Author Leonid V. Khramov