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Xdialog documentation - Common options


The common options apply to all the following box options until the same or opposite common options are encountered into the Xdialog command line; each common option either got one opposite or several complementary options, or allow to reset the parameter they change to its default value; their effect may therefore later be cancelled or changed for the other box options that follow in a chained dialogs command line.

Available common options and parameters:

  • --backtitle <backtitle>

    In (c)dialog, this option is used to print a title on the screen (terminal) background of the dialog boxes, thus the name... As it is not very friendly nor even desirable to print text on the X11 screen background (AKA "root window"), Xdialog uses this option to print a title into its widgets, at the top of them (horizontally centered). The default is no backtitle and you may restore this default after using --backtitle once into a chained dialog command line, by passing an empty string to the next --backtitle option as parameter. When the widget accepts a <text> parameter and when the backtitle is not an empty string, Xdialog automatically adds an horizontal line as a separator between the backtitle and the text. As for the <text> parameter, the <backtitle> parameter may contain "\n" (line feeds) characters. This option applies to all widgets.

  • --title <title>

    This option sets the title of the Xdialog window. The title appears into the title bar which position depends on the window manager you are using. If no --title option is given then the title defaults to "Xdialog".

  Title, backtitle and text positions in Xdialog windows:

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