SOSLabel (Apache Ant API)
Class SOSLabel








public class SOSLabel
extends SOS

Labels Visual SourceSafe files via a SourceOffSite server.

The following attributes are interpreted:
Attribute Values Required
soscmddir Directory which contains soscmd(.exe)
soscmd(.exe) must be in the path if this is not specified
vssserverpath path to the srcsafe.ini - eg. \\server\vss\srcsafe.ini Yes
sosserverpath address and port of the SOS server - eg. Yes
projectpath SourceSafe project path without the "$" Yes
username SourceSafe username Yes
password SourceSafe password No
label The label to apply to a project Yes
comment A comment to be applied to all files being labeled No
verbose true or false - Status messages are displayed No

Jesse Stockall

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  Commandline buildCmdLine()
          Build the command line
AddLabel required parameters: -server -name -password -database -project -label
AddLabel optional parameters: -verbose -comment
 void execute()
          Executes the task.
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Constructor Detail


public SOSLabel()
Method Detail


public void execute()
             throws BuildException
Executes the task.
Builds a command line to execute soscmd and then calls Exec's run method to execute the command line.

execute in class Task
BuildException - Description of Exception


protected Commandline buildCmdLine()
Build the command line
AddLabel required parameters: -server -name -password -database -project -label
AddLabel optional parameters: -verbose -comment

Commandline the generated command to be executed

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