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Compatibility interface to snmpy module

The SNMPY project implements a Python wrapper over NetSNMP code. At the time of this writing, the SNMPY module can only talk version 1 of SNMP and seems to be mostly oriented to act in a manager role.

The PySNMP compatibility interface tries to re-implement the functionality provided by the snmpy module in pure Python. The degree of achieved compatibility is limited by a MIB parser, which is implemented in NetSNMP but is missing in PySNMP at the moment.

As a rule of thumb, any operation of SNMPY where any form of MIB lookup is required can not be supported by this compatibility module in a fully compatible manner.

Here is a [possibly incomplete] list of incompatibilities and limitations of PySNMP-based snmpy module:

  • Symbolic OID names can never be used
  • The session.set(oid, value, type) method now requires the third, type, argument which should be an ASN.1 type name of the value. Valid type names are those, applicible to rfc1155.SimpleSyntax and rfc1155.ApplicationSyntax objects.
  • The name, description, enums, nodes() and __len__() attributes and methods of snmpmibnode objects are not supported.
  • The merge(), addmibdir() and timeout() functions are not supported

Please, refer to original SNMPY package documentation for more information on using snmpy module.