The Lire Roadmap

July 2002

Joost van Baal

Francis J. Lacoste

Revision History
Revision $Revision: 1.15 $$Date: 2002/07/18 15:57:36 $


$Id: roadmap.dbx,v 1.15 2002/07/18 15:57:36 vanbaal Exp $ This document gives a roadmap for the development of the Lire software. It serves as a reference point when working on the software and states the current ideas and plans of the LogReport developers.

The roadmap contains three sections, in the first one we list the items that are related to the tool suite. The second part contains items that are related to the Lire framework and which relates to more infrastructural aspect. Finally, the last section contains long-term project that will implies deep infrastructural changes.

For each items, we try to list the person name and email responsible for the feature. This will usually be a person who can be joined on the <> mailing list. You should also find the current status of the item and the items that need to be implemented before.

If you want to work on the item described in this roadmap, send an email to the <> mailing list.


One should also consult the BUGS file in CVS which contains many small bugs and wishlist items.