XML Résumé Library Changelog

The XML Résumé Library copyrighted, © 2000-2002 by Sean Kelly. See the copying conditions, license, and disclaimer.

This file lists low-level changes to the library and is intended for developers. For user-visible changes, see the news.

2002-11-28  brandondoyle  

	default output format is now 2-column for referees

2002-11-26  brandondoyle  

	improved translations, courtesy of Felipe Leme

2002-11-25  brandondoyle  

	Bug fix for "variable accessed before it was bound" bug 635211
	Didn't I already check this in?

2002-11-21  brandondoyle  

	Removing maxbenson files because they seem to serve no purpose whatsoever.
	compact.css: minor style changes

2002-11-20  brandondoyle  

	Added the "targets" attribute to every element to allow for DTD validation

	Changed the ordering of the elements in a degree to reflect what
	"annotation" means.  This changes nothing, technically speaking.

	Started a new section for DTD changes for the next release

	Added doc.manual.pdf back into the build process

	Updated docs in response to bug reports and questions.

	User guide docs... I guess I forgot to add these a long time ago.

2002-11-19  brandondoyle  

	improved referee spacing

	Bugfixes for ant support, comment and code cleanups.

	Changed some variable names to standardize them

2002-11-18  brandondoyle  

	Added a check to propogate-params to look for outdated params

	Added, an UGLY shell script to propogate new parameters
	defined in us.xsl to other country.xsl files with a default translation of
	"TRANSLATION NEEDED".  See Bruce's Feature Request 557492 for more info.
	The changed files reflect the changes made after running this new script.

	Updated brazilian translations courtesy of Felipe Leme

	updated DOCTYPE definition from 1.3.1 to 1.5.0.  There needs to be a better
	solution to this.  It would be nice if we could handle the <!DOCTYPE> events, but they don't seem to be generated anywhere.

	Added notationDecl and unparsedEntityDecl methods... which don't do much.

2002-11-15  brandondoyle  

	Improved German language support, contributd by anon in bug# 638455

2002-11-10  brandondoyle  

	The "projects" element may now be included in the "degree" element

	Added "es" (espanol) as a language (country) option.

2002-11-07  brandondoyle  

	doc changes, changed python location to /usr/local/bin/python

	Random fixes while trying to build a release.

	mved to test/

	mved testdata to test/testdata
	mved targetdata to test/targetdata

	Moved the regression testing classes into a "test" package

	Replaced "categories" with "targets" in all source files.

	Replaced these files with explore and setup

	Replaced old "cutting a release" checklist with more extensive one from

	It wasn't the dash.  It was the ampersand I had inside the file.

	The dash was causing problems, I think

	Doc bugs and a changelog addition.

	Proper character-encoding support which should work with all VMs going back to 1.2 or perhaps even 1.1

2002-11-06  brandondoyle  

	yup... more doc changes for 1.5.0

	Added a pointer to the news section of the docs

	Added a few glossary terms.

	Release support for the java filter stuff

	Spanish language support, contributed by Miguel Coca.

	Restored specification of UTF-8 in the PrintStream constructor; this is
	required to prevent character codes from being translated too early.

	Unfortunately, this precludes the possibility of using the filter with
	Jre 1.3.1 or earlier... bad luck all around.

	Changed the value of css.href so that show up in the right spot for the release users

	User guide changes and additions

2002-11-05  brandondoyle  

	Final (really this time) doc changes for 1.5.0

	typo fixes

	Allow for a title attribute in the project element.
	$skills.title.separator and $subjects.title.separator have been replaced by

2002-11-04  brandondoyle  

	whitespace stuff

	"degree" element no longer requires a "major" element (feature req 594173)
	because not all international universities require a major.  Support for
	optional majors has been in xsl for awhile, this just changes the dtd to
	reflect that.

	This allows us to skip the forced output of the
	<META http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">

	The "period" element can now be used in place of "date" in "award" and
	"clearance".  Also fixed a bug in fo.xsl that forced 2-column referee
	layout on people, and some minor whitespace fixes that are only partially

	it's cvs tag release-X_Y_Z, not release-X.Y.Z

	doc changes for release 1.5.0

	Added $(resume).rtf to list of files to rm during clean.

	Bugs 624365, 629607 request that we allow non-english users to use different
	phrases for "Mobile Phone", "Home Phone", and the like.  This change replaces
	the home.word param (and mobile.word, and work.word respectively) with
	phone.home.phrase and fax.home.phrase.

	to work ok.

	Added two column support for the referees section

	fixed the character code for "pagina"

	css support for 2-column format, misc. fixes

	cssClasses.(sh|txt)-- create or maintain a list of available CSS classes.

2002-11-03  brandondoyle  

	Allow the use of "date" elements in place of "period" in membership and jobs.

	Reduced margin size to use the page more efficiently.  New settings should allow enough room for printing/faxing.

2002-10-29  brandondoyle  

	Deprecated the use of these files; it seems like a heap of trouble to maintain
	when CSS can be used about as easily.  (And by deprecating, I just put
	a note in the file saying "don't use this.")

	Support request # 629607, changes and additions to reflect the french style

	forgot a closing comment tag

	added reminder about finding the right css directory.

	 * Simple cleanup of params.xsl comments
	 * Added param "css.embed" to allow for optional embedding of css style tags directly into the html file.  Allows for easier file transfer (one file instead of two)

2002-10-28  brandondoyle  

	 * Replaced/removed resume*.css with equivalent, descriptively named files.
	 * Moved Copyright/usage notice into NOTICE

2002-10-26  brandondoyle  

	PrintStream.PrintStream(OutputStream, boolean, String charset) does not exist
	prior to JRE 1.3, so I've changed it to use a different constructor.

2002-10-22  brandondoyle  

	Changed in.word and achievements.word to better reflect current french
	style.  SF Patch # 618302

2002-10-19  brandondoyle  

	Added all the countries we support to the list of possible vals for "country"

	Italian pluralization rules:
		male: cano -> cani
		female: porta -> porte

2002-07-16  Bruce Christensen  

	Added a note about looking on the SF feature request page for more things
	to do.

	The <h1> on this was copied-and-pasted from the authors file. Fixed to say

	Replaced the actual changelog text (leaving surrrounding text intact) in

	Updated for 1.4.2.

	Updated changelog for 1.4.2.

	Fixed some parameters that were causing FOP to choke (or else emit more
	than 50000 lines of error messages).

	Build and copy PDF manual for web site.

	Commented out patch-for-fop section, as it doesn't seem to be needed with
	FOP 0.20.3 and docbook-xsl-1.52.2

	Added, thanks to Mark Miller.

	Updated with better formatting for examples.

2002-07-15  Bruce Christensen  

	Added documentation for the subjects.format parameter.

	Applied Mark Miller's patch (cleaned up by me) for comma-separated degree
	subject formatting.

2002-06-29  Bruce Christensen  

	Updated and clarified wording a bit.

2002-06-24  Bruce Christensen  

	This file normalizes whitespace in an XML file similar to the way HTML
	processors condense whitespace:
	 - all whitespace characters are replaced with space characters
	   ("&#x9;" -> " ")
	 - all-whitespace text nodes are removed ("<url>  </url>" -> "<url></url>")
	 - whitespace at the beginning and end of element contents is removed
	   ("<url> a </url>" -> "<url>a</url>")
	 - consecutive whitespace characters are converted into a single space
	   character ("this is   a test" -> "this is a test")

	Fixed bug 566653 (unexpected line breaks in text output).

2002-06-16  Bruce Christensen  

	Fixed erroneous version number.

	Fixed the install.web target. (It should have depended on
	doc.manual.html-multiple.web, but it didn't.)

	/Really/ updated for 1.4.1 this time. I fixed something after I commited
	this last time.

	Added images for HTML-formatted manual (stolen from the web site).

	Updated for release 1.4.1.

	Updated for release 1.4.1. (Changed XSL paths to include output directory).

	Fixed an HTML error.

	Fixed a typo.

	Fixed to point to new location for output stylesheets.

	Changed the structure of the template that formats subjects to work around
	(what I think is) a bug in Xalan.

	Switch from <xsl:include>ing string.xsl to <xsl:import>ing it. This avoids
	a double-inclusion, since the output format stylesheets include string.xsl.

2002-06-15  Bruce Christensen  

	Added a note about the new <location> element to this list of changes for
	version 1.4.1.

	Updated this file with the latest version from:

	It includes fixes for a few erroneous characters in the previous version.
	It also includes an appropriate copyright notice, which the original
	version did not.

2002-06-14  Sean Kelly  

	Add notes about Dutch resumes; add Dutch resume to test properties.

	Dutch resumes, contributed by Andre van Dijk 

	Format resume with Windows batch file, courtesy of Payan Mirrashidi.

	Cygwin-compatible shell script to format resumes, courtesy of Will

	Make the img directory if it doesn't exist.

2002-06-14  Bruce Christensen  

	Removed the list of required and allowed elements, since we automatically
	generate that information.

	Added a note that <name> may now contain a <title>.

	Added support for a <title> element within a <name> (feature request

	Also moved the templates that format a name from each of the format XSLT
	files (html.xsl, text.xsl, and fo.xsl) into common.xsl, since they were all
	exactly the same.

2002-06-10  Bruce Christensen  

	The install.web target now filters the files it copies.

	Renamed the copyright.font.size parameter to fineprint.font.size. It is now
	applied to the "last modified" date in FO output.

2002-06-08  Bruce Christensen  

	 - Added ability to build  a version of the manual suitable for inclusion
	   on the XML resume web site.
	 - Prettied up the manual (fonts, colors, navigation bars)

	 - Added support for a <location> sub-element in <job>, <membership>, and
	 - Normalized formatting a bit between HTML, text, and PDF output. Jobs and
	   memberships are now formatted as:

	   Organization[, location]


2002-06-07  Bruce Christensen  

	Added a section on how to change the DTD.

	Removed mention of the sgml dir, as we no longer include the SGML tools;
	external versions installed on a developer's machine are used instead.

2002-06-01  Bruce Christensen  

	Made <title> an allowable child of <clearances> instead of <clearance>.

	The text about the achievement class now refers to the achievement element.
	(It referred to the skill element before.)

2002-05-31  Bruce Christensen  

	Fixed a stupid bug included in the last commit (mixed up arguments between
	two constructors).

	Removed code from FileWriterHandler that escaped any non-ASCII character
	with a hex entity. Instead, we now set the output character set to UTF-8 in
	Filter, thus solving the problem (non-ASCII characters are converted to "?"
	when output) in a simpler way.

	Added support for security clearances (feature request 396338). This is
	based on patch 562652, submitted by Nick Chalko, but with heavy changes by

	Fixed a rather nasty bug described in

	The problem was with whitespace normalization in <skills>. We wanted to
	normalize whitespace, so we would grab the result of <xsl:apply-templates/>
	into $Text, and then output normalize-space($Text). Of course,
	normalize-space converts its argument into a string, so if a skill contains
	any other elements (say, a <link>), those elements get killed by the

	Solution? Roll our own space normalization, of course! We process
	skill//text() nodes individually, normalizing space in each of them, and
	outputting a space after each if needed.

2002-05-30  Bruce Christensen  

	Added support for inlines (including <link> and <url>) to <organzation> and
	<institution>, per feature request 562428.

	Changed a bunch of instances of "<xsl:value-of select="."/>" to

	Nice-looking new stylesheet. (If I do say so myself. :)

	Added support for GPAs.

	Added category filter support, written by Mark Miller .

	Some updates to HTML formatting:
	 - Unified HTML heading formatting. There are no longer different CSS
	   classes for each heading; they're all in the "heading" class. Also
	   there's a named template (called Heading) that should be used to output
	   any section heading.
	 - Removed "resume" css class from the body tag, instead wrapping each
	   resume in a <div class="resume"> instead. It's forseeable that there
	   would be multiple resumes per source file, so it didn't make sense to
	   have that tag in the body.
	 - The header is now wrapped with <div class="header"> in both standard and
	   centered modes. The headerBlock class has been removed.
	 - Contact information is now wrapped in parapgraph tags. This fixes an
	   XHTML validation problem. It used to be that a single <p>...</p>
	   contained both address and contact information in the header, but the
	   address was also wrapped in a <p>...</p>. This created invalid XHTML, so
	   the <p> tags were removed from the header, but added to contact

2002-05-26  Bruce Christensen  

	Major directory refactoring in in src/www/xsl.

2002-05-25  Bruce Christensen  

	Factored out all US-specific words into us-params.xsl.

	Moved all letter (paper size)-specific parameters into letter.xsl.

2002-05-24  Bruce Christensen  

	Updated changelog for version 1.4.0.

	Changed my email address from " at " separator to "@" so that it is
	properly stripped by cltohtml.

	Added the doc.manual.create-missing target.

	Added. This program is used when cutting a release.

	Changed "will see some harmless error messages" (from FOP) to "may see...",
	since I don't see any. :)

	Fixed a path that was out of sync with, thus causing
	run.test to fail.

2002-05-23  Bruce Christensen  

	Added the doc.manual.check target, which runs " --check".

2002-05-22  Bruce Christensen  

	Feature request 558871:
	 - Added the <minor> element.
	 - <degree>s may now contain multiple <major>s.

2002-05-16  Bruce Christensen  

	Added. Documents the referees.display parameter.

	Added <awards> and <award> to the DTD.

	Referees are now formatted using lots of divs, instead of an <h3> and a
	<p>. Introduced three new CSS classes: referee, refereeName, and

	Added formatting for .resume and .resumeName.

2002-05-15  Bruce Christensen  

	Added the referees.display parameter.

	Added support for:
	 - interest.description.format
	 - skills.level.display
	 - Portuguese
	 - German

	Fixed broken links to pages in the user guide.

	Release 1.3.4 has been renamed to release 1.4.0 because there have been
	many changes since 1.3.3.

	Added a list of user-visible changes for version 1.3.4.

	Added a note indicating that <pub> may now contain <url>.

	Added a section about using 131-134.xsl to upgrade resumes.

2002-05-14  Bruce Christensen  

	Added a stylesheet to convert a resume from version 1.3.1, 1.3.2, or 1.3.3
	to version 1.3.4.

	Modified the Makefile to easily call this stylesheet.

	Documented the "address" CSS class, which applies to the <p> of postal

	Added some new elements that have been introduced in the DTD, and removed
	deprecated elements.

	Corrected a whitespace error.

	Un-deprecated use of <url> in <publisher>. I was a wee bit confused when I
	deprecated it.

	Made degreeTitle bold.

	Added a message about examining the <resume> refpage to get started.

	Fixed a whitespace problem.

	Made formatting a bit more consistent.

	Added a list of changes to the DTD in each version.

	A new style, slightly based on resume3.css. Section headings are outdented,
	and have a rule underneath them that extends to the right margins.

	Added new CSS classes.

2002-05-12  Bruce Christensen  

	Removed the <code> tags that were output around <url>s formatted in HTML.
	They were causing some extraneous-whitespace problems in the output.

	Added the linkA CSS class.

2002-05-11  Bruce Christensen  

	Deprecated the use of <url> as a child of <publisher>.

	<url> is now allowed as a child of <pub>.

	<link> is now allowed in artTitle, bookTitle, and publisher.

	Allowed <title> and <organization> as children of <referee>.

	Fixed a typo.

	Updated and corrected wording, as description may now be contained in
	additional elements.

	Added the lastModified element, as requested in 460165.

2002-05-10  Bruce Christensen  

	Text and HTML formatting of <degree>s is now similar to FO formatting (the
	institution is now on a line below other information except subjects).

	Added support for <period>s in <degree>s. Before only date could be used;
	now either date or period can appear in a degree.

	Removed an extraneous comment end tag.

	Deprecated  docpath, head, node, tail, label, and uri.

	Added support for German language formatting, fulfilling feature request
	522570. de-params.xsl courtesy of an anonymous donor on SourceForge.

2002-05-08  Bruce Christensen  

	Deprecated the <pubDate> element. <date> should now be used instead.

	Fixed a syntax error in example code.

	Made <month> optional as a child of <date>.

2002-05-07  Bruce Christensen  

	Added the instantMessage element, with XSLT and user guide changes.

	Added the release date (er, actually the build date) to the text.

2002-05-01  Bruce Christensen  

	Support for Brazilian Portuguese localization, thanks to Felipe Leme

2002-04-30  Bruce Christensen  

	Added a <pager> element and updated docs and stylesheets accordingly.

	Fixed a copy-and-paste error where the fax element was being called

	Er, made the last change actually work. :)

	I had changed the variable start- and end-markers from "<$" style to
	"<?resumevar " style in the code that runs at build time, but not the code
	that creates missing elementref pages. That's now fixed.

	I also updated the usage message to reflect this and the last change.

	Change variables in DocBook elementref source files from this:
	to this:
	 - <?resumevar CONTENT_MODEL?>

	In other words, they're now real XML processing instructions, so the source
	files should now be 100% well-formed XML. This is necessary to to automatic
	well-formed-ness and validity checking of the examples in the DocBook
	source (which I'm working on).

2002-04-26  Bruce Christensen  

	Changed the r:skill/r:level element to an attribute of the r:skill element.
	Change suggested by Brian May.

2002-04-25  Bruce Christensen  

	Added a fax element.

	Contact now allows any number of phone, fax, email, or url children in any
	order. Some people have more than one of each type of contact method.

	Added a @location attribute to phone and fax. This attribute is optional,
	and allowed values are (home | work | mobile) for phone, (home | work) for

	Updated docs and stylesheets accordingly.

	Added explicit encoding="UTF-8" and updated the comment header a bit with
	correct filename and info about the file.

	Added explicit encoding="UTF-8".

	Added explicit encoding="UTF-8" and updated the comment header a bit with
	correct filename and info about the file.

	Made <level> a valid child of <skill>. It indicates a person's proficiency
	in a particular skill.

	Updated docs accordingly.

	Un-commented and updated sections for building FO and PDF versions of the
	user guide.

	Made a bit closer to what typical parameter reference pages look like.

	Fixed a broken entity reference.

	Added a "see also" link to the skills.format paramter.

	Added a note about, and link to, the header.format parameter.

	Added a link to a parameter.

	Changed the textual reference to the GFDL in the legal statement to a

2002-04-24  Bruce Christensen  

	Fixed a duplicate id.

2002-04-23  Bruce Christensen  

	Deprecated the <skillareas> and <skills> elements. <skill> may now be a
	direct child of <skillset>, and <skillarea> may now be a child of <resume>.

	Updated docs to reflect this change. Documented the two elements as
	deprecated, and removed them from example code.

	Updated example resume files, removing deprecated elements.

	Added deprecated.xsl, which emits warnings through the XSL processor if it
	encounters a deprecated element.

	Fixed a broken link.

	Added a note that these elements were deprecated as of version 1.3.3.

	Made refclass tags show up as bold in the TOC. This makes "Deprecated"
	warnings stand out better.

	Added docs for achievement and project classes, clarified docs for skills

	Added colored backgrounds and 1-pixel borders for important, note, tip,
	warning, and caution classes.

2002-04-22  Bruce Christensen  

	Changed reference to &library.version; to &library.version.dots;

	Put copyright years directly in this file -- no reference to
	&book.copyright.years; anymore.

	Added Peter Hutnick as a copyright holder, since he wrote the "convert"

	Changed reference to guide.* to getting-started.*.

	Renamed guide.* sections to getting-started.*.

	Placed the manual under the GNU Free Documentation License:

	Added lots of URL and email address entities that are used in

	Also renamed library.version to library.version.dots, and added

	Corrected and expanded documentation on how the URL element is formatted.

	Added documentation on semantics of <title> when contained in <interest>.
	Also added an example.

	Renamed guide directory to getting-started.

	converting a resume from XML to other formats. It was written by Peter
	Hutnick, and edited and converted to DocBook by myself. Thanks Peter!

	Documented the <interests> and <interest> elements.

	user guide to use versions defined by Ant during the build process.

	Also moved our customized versions of the DocBook XSL stylesheets from the
	sgml dir to the xsl dir.

	Updated release notes, adding references to the user guide in appropriate
	places, and removing information that's now contained in the user guide.

	Fix: changed &copyr; to &copy;.

	(Last commit message was meant for README, not this file. This commit
	contains no changes, just the log message meant for r1.21.)

	Updated to use system DocBook DTD and XSL files, instead of versions in our
	repository. This means the doc.manual.* targets may be broken on your
	system. You'll probably need to override $doc.manual.docbook-xsl.dir and
	THOSE PROPERTIES IN BUILD.XML. Instead, override them in your local
	~/ That'll keep unneeded commits out of CVS.

	Minor updates to reflect changes to the user guide and Makefile.

2002-04-19  Bruce Christensen  

	Added VERSION_UNDERSCORE as a filter token.

	Added the <interest> and <interests> element.

	Added a comment marking <company> as deprecated.

	Added example tags around examples.

	Added documentation for interest.description.format parameter.

	Fixed erroneous whitespace in an example.

2002-04-17  Bruce Christensen  

	Added a missing <title> element to the memberships example code.

	Color informalexamples instead of literallayouts.

	Added more boilerplate text for the "Applies To" section.

2002-04-16  Sean Kelly  

	Add a link to the user guide.

	Changelog for 1.3.3.

	Bump version # to 1.3.3.  Update version numbers of tools in release
	documentation.  Update team members list.

	Add news items for release 1.3.3

	Patch 542171: Bruce's new and improved Makefile.

2002-04-12  robjkelley  

	original commit

2002-04-12  Bruce Christensen  

	Moved src/doc/manual/.cvsignore to src/doc/manual/scripts, where I had
	intended to put it in the first place.

	Documented the new @format attribute.

	Fixed a typo.

	Corrected factual errors about how <url>s are formatted. Also added a See
	Also link to the new <link> element.

	Correction: changed overlooked "ATTRIBUTE_NAME" boilerplate text to "id".

	Changed deprecation notice from a <para> to an <important><para>.

	Documented this element as deprecated.

	Documented <street2> as deprecated and updated related docs.

	Documented the <link> element.

	Added format attribute to <address>. Its possible values are standard,
	european, and italian. It has no default (#IMPLIED).

	Fixed a spelling mistake in a comment.

	Changed message displayed for each modified file from "<filename> fixed" to
	"<filename> CDATA trimmed". This should help authors better understand what
	the build process is doing "behind their backs".

	1. Improved formatting of attribute tables to handle enumerated attribute

	2. Output displayed with --list-missing, --list-unknown, and --check is
	indented and no longer displays "(None)".

	3. --filter now only filters files that exist. (Before, it tried to filter
	a file for every element in the DTD, even it the file didn't exist.)

	Moved make_relative_path function to newly-created module, a
	library file for common XML Resume documentation code.

	Changed book title from "User's Guide" to "User Guide".

	Fixed whitespace problem with code in a CDATA section.

	Wrote BCP for documenting deprecated elements.

	Added. Makes CVS ignore compiled Python bytecode files (*.pyc).

2002-04-10  Sean Kelly  

	Make 532279 actually work.

2002-04-10  bmay  

	Thanks Bruce. Closes tracker requests 542167, and 542168 (Sean, I think
	you will have to do this).

2002-04-10  Sean Kelly  

	Patch 532279: link element for hyperlinking to employers.

	Typo: libarary => library.

	Patch 541347 courtesy of Bruce Christensen.

2002-03-28  bmay  

	Support for namespaces.

2002-02-16  Sean Kelly  

	Update changelog for 1.3.2

	Bump version # to 1.3.2 and update news file with notes about what's
	been fixed: punctuation and spacing in academic degrees and widening
	FO subject list.

2002-01-18  Sean Kelly  

	Really update the changelog.  (I shouldn't have had two martinis
	before doing this. :-)

	Add news items about <div class="description">...

	Update changelog for 1.3.1.

	Bump version to 1.3.1.  Add news item about big fix to catalog file.

2002-01-17  Sean Kelly  

2002-01-16  Sean Kelly  

	into the release.

	Changelog for 1.3.0.

	Sigh.  MS-DOS end-of-line files got in there---apparently my configuration
	of Emacs, CVS, and Cygwin on Windoze 2000 is fubar'd.  Convert these
	back to Unix end-of-line conventions.

	Update copyright.  Add news items about and word wrap in
	the text transformation.

	Specify test target data via a property with a default value.

2002-01-14  Sean Kelly  

	Convert version 1.2.4 resumes into version 1.3.0 resumes.

	Added an SGML catalog file and declaration.  Updated news accordingly.

	Make graudation <date> optional on a <degree> and format correctly if
	provided or not.  Add feature note to news.

	Update copyrights and fix HTML.

	Add formatting of projects, subjects, and referees.  Add localized

	Add referees, subjects, projects, and referees.

	Add styles for references.

	Add news items for memberships, projects, subjects, and attributes
	features and element name change.

	Add example projects, subjects, and memberships, and an example of
	using the name attribute to refer to the <name> element with the
	matching id attribute.

	Change <subject> to <major>.  Clean up <skill>s.

	Change output directory for test data generation from c:/tmp/testdata
	to /tmp/testdata.

2002-01-12  Sean Kelly  

	Add compilation of Java code and running of regression tests.

	Add example memberships.

	Feature: memberships and professional societies.

	Feature: let name in a publication refer to the <name> in the header.

	Refactoring: clean up lots of duplicated publication transformations.

	Documentation: updates about new features to date.

	Regression tests for the XML Resume Library.

2002-01-07  Sean Kelly  

	Add sample memberships.

	Add documentation about CSS specifications for professional memberships.

	Add some sample CSS specifications for professional memberships.

2002-01-05  Sean Kelly  

	Commit patch from b1gdave: make redundant specification of <name> in a
	<copyright> unnecessary by grabbing the mandatory name from the
	resume's header.  You can still specify a <name> in the <copyright> if
	you want to.


	Add XSLFLAGS and FOFLAGS parameters to command lines.

	Update release instructions to include updating of changelog file.

2001-12-18  Stewart Evans  

	added alternate formatting for skills, controlled by skills.format parameter

2001-12-15  Stewart Evans  

	made address compatible with new formatting style

	New address processing: addresses are either formatted according to
	predefined templates or completely free-form with linebreaks preserved.

2001-11-18  Stewart Evans  

	add middlenames and suffix to name element.

2001-11-07  Sean Kelly  

	Don't just grab everything under the examples, but instead specify
	what files to put in.  This helps prevent the official release from
	going out with all sorts of turds that I've left in my directory.

2001-10-28  Stewart Evans  

	changes suggested by Cyril Rognon (crognon) in help forum.

2001-10-17  Stewart Evans  

	add rule to center-align the headerBlock

2001-09-03  Sean Kelly  

	Update changelog for 1.2.4.

	Fix docs.

	Updated example to demonstrate inline elements in skills and
	achievements and with a more complex international address.

	Update content model for achievement and skill to use same mixed model
	as para, so formatting and semantics of inline elements can be used
	in these locations.  Update stylesheets and news file appropriately.

2001-09-02  Sean Kelly  

	Remove "Skills" heading formatting and skills.word for <skillareas>.
	Fix bullet lists of achievements; make it produce correct FO (XEP
	rightly complained, but FOP let the incorrect FO go).  Update
	release procedure to grab examples from correct directory.
	Update authors and news items.

2001-09-01  Sean Kelly  

	Stewart Evans's patches: HTML span class "employer", "nameHeading",
	achievements section, real bulleted list items in text style,
	formatting of the new achievements section, "skills.word" parameter,
	suppression of blank fields, and formatting of contact/url in
	HTML.  Whoa ... that's a lot; thanks Stewart!

	Actually commit the sample CSS files.

	Move examples out from under src so that developers can more easily
	use them.  Update developers README to reflect this.  Update release
	information.  Add sample CSS files.

2001-08-05  Sean Kelly  

	Add content model for dayOfMonth.

	Fix reference to fullDate by using date with optional dayOfMonth field.

2001-08-02  Sean Kelly  

	Update changelog for 1.2.3.

	Better parameterization support and factoring of common parameters.
	Added French localization.  Updated documentation for 1.2.3 release.

	Support for internationalization: parameters for paper sizes and phrasing,
	and international addresses.

2001-07-27  Sean Kelly  

	Add a note about building the examples from the developers' edition.

	Add Roel's suggestion to have a date of birth.

	Parameteri[zs]e stylesheets for localization.

2001-07-26  Sean Kelly  

	Provide support for international addresses.  Maintain backwards
	compatibility with resumes using US style address schema.

2001-07-17  Sean Kelly  

	Update change log for version 1.2.2.

	Add rich content for publications, such as <bookTitle>, <author>,
	<publisher>, and so forth.  Update stylesheets to format these

	Add params.xsl file to contain user-overridable parameters.

	Update version number to 1.2.2.

2001-07-11  Sean Kelly  

	Ooops ... rather important file I forgot!

2001-07-06  Sean Kelly  

	This generates changelog info and is preconfigured for the current
	members of the XML Resume Library team.

	Add changelog info.

	Break out HTML documentation into standard dir structure.

	Update version number.

	Fix release generation so it includes examples and partitions
	DTD and XSL files into subdirectories.

	Incorporate lost changes into developers' README file.

	Fix VERSION_DOTS generation.

	Fix accent marks on "resume" in running footer of FO stylesheet.

2001-06-21  Sean Kelly  

	Handy XSL file to have around ... formats XML into an HTML presentation
	that looks like colorful XML.

2001-06-20  Sean Kelly  

2001-06-18  Sean Kelly  

	Add "install" target which, currently, installs web-accessible
	XML files to the web server directory.

	Cosmetic; make indentation happier for psgml mode.

2001-06-17  Sean Kelly  

	Initial import into SourceForge CVS.

	New file.

	Initial import into SourceForge CVS.

	New file.