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RDtool 0.6.12

What is RDtool

RD is Ruby's POD. RDtool is formatter for RD.

What is Changed


How to Install

RDtool requires:

  • Racc 1.3 or later. -- Ruby's yacc *1
  • strscan. (Racc archive includes it.) -- lexer extension library *2
  • OptionParser 0.8 or later. -- command-line option parser. *3
  • forwardable -- fundamental library for flexible delegation. *4

Please install Racc before installation of RDtool.

The following site (maintained by Nakada) supplies the binary archives of Racc.


  1. ruby rdtoolconf.rb
  2. Check and modify Makefile if needed.
  3. make all
  4. su if you install into public directories.
  5. make install
  6. If you want to use , utils/rdswap.rb, utils/rd-mode.el, install it by hand.
  7. make clean if you want.

How to use


% rd2 rdfile.rd > outputfile

If you want to indicate format-library, do

% rd2 -r library rdfile.rd > outputfile

Use rd2 --help for more options.

For options depend on format-library, enter --help after the indication of format-library. For example,

% rd2 -r rd/rd2html-lib.rb --help

rd2 load "${HOME}/.rd2rc" when it runs.

How to write RD?

Please read doc/rd-draft.rd.

About bug report

If you find a bug in RDtool, please E-mail me <>.


You can use/re-distribute/change RDtool under Ruby's License or GPL. This distribution of RDtool include files that are copyrighted by somebody else, and these files can be re-distributed under those own license. These files include the condition of those licenses in themselves.

*1 <URL:>
*2 <URL:>
*3 <URL:>
*4 <URL:>