qDecoder Examples

The qDecoder Project - Web Application Interface for C/C++

Being a Web Application Interface for C/C++ use, qDecoder is a solution product for developers. The Query Fetch algorithm of qDecoder based on the linked-list provides transparency with low layers by the simple library interface regardless of COOKIE/GET/POST(including File Upload). Thus, it enables the web based software to be more intuitively designed and implemented. qDecoder is developed according to the free software model and is publicly distributed.

It is only communication for qDecoder developers that is a qDecoder mailing list. Please join our mailing list, if you interest in CGI programming using qDecoder. To subscribe qDecoder mailing list send mail to with "subscribe qDecoder" in the body(not subject) of the message. Mailing-list archive can be founded at here.

Example: fetch.c

GET method: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Type anything:
POST method: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Type anything:
POST method: multipart/form-data
Type anything:

Example: cookie.c

[View Cookie Variables]

Example: multivalue.c

Hamburger Chicken Photato Coke Orange Juice

Example: upload.c

Select file:

Example: download.c

[Download example]

Example: streamedit.c, Parsed HTML files


Example: arglist.c


Example: session.c

[View Session Variables] [Destroy Session]

Example: confparser.c, Parsed Configuration File

[View Parsed Results]