namespace osgGA

class OSGGA_EXPORT AnimationPathManipulator: public CameraManipulator
class OSGGA_EXPORT CameraManipulator: public GUIEventHandler
class OSGGA_EXPORT DriveManipulator: public CameraManipulator
DriveManipulator is a camera manipulator which provides drive-like functionality.
class OSGGA_EXPORT FlightManipulator: public CameraManipulator
FlightManipulator is a CameraManipulator which provides flight simulator-like updating of the camera position & orientation.
class GUIActionAdapter
Abstract base class defining the interface by which GUIEventHandlers may request actions of the GUI system in use.
class OSGGA_EXPORT GUIEventAdapter: public osg::Referenced
Pure virtual base class for adapting platform specific events into generic keyboard and mouse events.
class OSGGA_EXPORT GUIEventHandler: public osg::Referenced
class OSGGA_EXPORT CompositeGUIEventHandler: public GUIEventHandler
CompositeGUIEventHandler allows GUIEventHandlers to be composed into hierarchies
class OSGGA_EXPORT GUIEventHandlerVisitor
Base class for visiting GUIEventHandlers.
class OSGGA_EXPORT KeySwitchCameraManipulator: public CameraManipulator
KeySwitchCameraManipulator is a decorator which allows the type of camera manipulator being used to be switched by pressing a key.
class OSGGA_EXPORT SetSceneViewVisitor: public GUIEventHandlerVisitor
SetSceneViewGUIEventHandlerVisitor which visits various types of GUIEventHandler and sets them up appropriately, given a new scene view
class OSGGA_EXPORT StateSetManipulator: public GUIEventHandler
Experimental class, not been looked at for a while, but which will be returned to at some point :-\
class OSGGA_EXPORT TrackballManipulator: public CameraManipulator


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