Class FTP.FTPDirectoryScanner

All Implemented Interfaces:
FileScanner, SelectorScanner
Enclosing class:

protected class FTP.FTPDirectoryScanner
extends DirectoryScanner

Field Summary
protected ftp
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Constructor Summary
FTP.FTPDirectoryScanner( ftp)
Method Summary
 void scan()
          Scans the base directory for files which match at least one include pattern and don't match any exclude patterns.
protected  void scandir(java.lang.String dir, java.lang.String vpath, boolean fast)
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Field Detail


protected ftp
Constructor Detail


public FTP.FTPDirectoryScanner( ftp)
Method Detail


public void scan()
Description copied from class: DirectoryScanner
Scans the base directory for files which match at least one include pattern and don't match any exclude patterns. If there are selectors then the files must pass muster there, as well.

Specified by:
scan in interface FileScanner
scan in class DirectoryScanner


protected void scandir(java.lang.String dir,
                       java.lang.String vpath,
                       boolean fast)

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