MOMspider -- Configuration Options

MOMspider allows a series of configuration options to be set by the installer and user to control the maintenance traversal and reporting process. These options can be set in three places (listed in order of precedence):
  1. Some options can be overridden on the command line;
  2. Traversal instructions and option default overrides can be specified in instruction files;
  3. Configuration defaults are set in
This document explains the last of these: configuration defaults. The defaults are intended to be set once, by the system installer, for use by all users on that system.
This documentation will be expanded in a patch to be released soon. For now, you should be able to understand the configuration options just by looking at the comments in Edit that file to match your system setup by replacing the assigned values (usually strings) with whatever seems appropriate for your site. Most defaults will not need to be changed from what is already given.
Roy Fielding <>
Department of Information and Computer Science,
University of California, Irvine, CA 92717-3425
Last modified: Tue Aug 9 16:16:34 1994