%%override %%def syntax=sutrs debug=0 cache=1 %%begin ZAP! Search Result %%end

ZAP! Search Result

You specified an empty query. Go back and try again!

ZAP! Search Result

Your query was $query.
%%server-error connection

Couldn't connect to $target.

%%server-error protocol

$target: Protocol error

%%server-error init

$target: Connection rejected

%%server-error 114


You specified a field that this system does not recognise.

$target: Search error

$errorstring${addinfo?\: $addinfo} ($errorcode)
%%server-hits 0

$target: No hits

%%server-hits 1

$target: one hit


$target: $hits hits

%%record sutrs
Record #$no in $target

%%records begin ${startprevious?Previous Page}
%%records end
${startnext?Next Page} %%record

Record #$no