for GIMP 2.0.4

Table of Contents

I. GIMP Widgets
Object Hierarchy
GimpButton - A GtkButton with a little extra functionality.
GimpChainButton - Widget to visually connect two entry widgets.
GimpColorArea - Displays a GimpRGB color, optionally with alpha-channel.
GimpColorButton - Widget for selecting a color.
GimpColorScale - Fancy colored sliders.
GimpColorSelection -
GimpDialog - Constructors for GtkDialog's and action_areas as well as other dialog-related stuff.
GimpFileEntry - Widget for entering a filename.
GimpMemsizeEntry - A composite widget that allows to enter a memory size.
GimpOffsetArea - Widget to control image offsets.
GimpPathEditor - Widget for editing a file search path.
GimpPickButton - Widget to pick a color from screen.
GimpPixmap - Widget which creates a GtkPixmap from XPM data.
GimpUnitMenu - Widget for selecting a GimpUnit.
II. GIMP Display Filters
GimpColorDisplay - Pluggable GIMP display color correction modules.
GimpColorDisplayStack -
III. GIMP Color Selectors
GimpColorSelector - Pluggable GIMP color selector modules.
GimpColorNotebook - A GimpColorSelector implementation.
GimpColorScales - A GimpColorSelector implementation.
GimpColorSelect - A GimpColorSelector implementation.
IV. GIMP Widgets Utilities
GimpHelpUI - Functions for setting GtkTooltips and help identifier used by GIMP help system.
GimpQueryBox - Some simple dialogs to enter a single int, double, string or boolean value.
GimpSizeEntry - Widget for entering pixel values and resolutions.
GimpStock - Prebuilt common menu/toolbar items and corresponding icons
GimpWidgets - A collection of convenient widget constructors, standard callbacks and helper functions.