REFMAC (CCP4: Supported Program)

User's manual for the program refmac_5.0.36

Keyworded input - Harvesting keywords

Anything input on a line after "!" or "#" is ignored and lines can be continued by using a minus (-) sign. The program only checks the first 4 characters of each keyword. The order of the cards is not important except that an END card must be last. Some keywords have various subsidiary keywords. The available keywords in this section are:


Provided a Project Name and a Dataset Name are specified (either explicitly or from the MTZ file) and provided the NOHARVEST keyword is not given, the program will automatically produce a data harvesting file. This file will be written to:


The environment variable $HARVESTHOME defaults to the user's home directory, but could be changed, for example, to a group project directory.

PNAME <project_name>

Project Name. In most cases, this will be inherited from the MTZ file.

DNAME <dataset_name>

Dataset Name. In most cases, this will be inherited from the MTZ file.


Set the directory permissions to '700', i.e. read/write/execute for the user only (default '755').


Write the deposit file to the current directory, rather than a subdirectory of $HARVESTHOME. This can be used to send deposit files from speculative runs to the local directory rather than the official project directory, or can be used when the program is being run on a machine without access to the directory $HARVESTHOME.

RSIZE <row_length>

Maximum width of a row in the deposit file (default 80). <row_length> should be between 80 and 132 characters.


Do not write out a deposit file; default is to do so provided Project and Dataset names are available.