Google Ant API)


Interface Summary
DOMUtil.NodeFilter Filter interface to be applied when iterating over a DOM tree.
JUnitResultFormatter This Interface describes classes that format the results of a JUnit testrun.
XMLConstants Interface groups XML constants.

Class Summary
BaseTest Baseclass for BatchTest and JUnitTest.
BatchTest Create then run JUnitTest's based on the list of files given by the fileset attribute.
BriefJUnitResultFormatter Prints plain text output of the test to a specified Writer.
DOMUtil Some utilities that might be useful when manipulating DOM trees.
DOMUtil.NodeListImpl custom implementation of a nodelist
Enumerations A couple of methods related to enumerations that might be useful.
FormatterElement A wrapper for the implementations of JUnitResultFormatter.
JUnitTask Runs JUnit tests.
JUnitTask.SummaryAttribute Print summary enumeration values.
JUnitTest Run a single JUnit test.
JUnitTestRunner Simple Testrunner for JUnit that runs all tests of a testsuite.
JUnitVersionHelper Work around for some changes to the public JUnit API between different JUnit releases.
PlainJUnitResultFormatter Prints plain text output of the test to a specified Writer.
SummaryJUnitResultFormatter Prints short summary output of the test to Ant's logging system.
Xalan1Executor Xalan 1 executor.
Xalan2Executor Xalan executor via JAXP.
XMLJUnitResultFormatter Prints XML output of the test to a specified Writer.
XMLResultAggregator Aggregates all <junit> XML formatter testsuite data under a specific directory and transforms the results via XSLT.

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