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Getting involved

There are many different levels where people can get involved. The development of FOP and the related plans and tasks are discussed on the dev mailing list. Users can help or get issues resolved by contributing information and examples to the developers.

Get familiar with the Fop related standards

At the moment Fop is mainly a tool to render XSL:FO files to pdf. Therefore if you want to contribute to Fop you should become familiar with these standards. You can find links under Resources.

Fop's Design

The design for FOP is specified under the Design section.

This is where the information on how FOP is developed and designed internally will be kept.

Subscribe to the fop developers list

Sending bug reports and feature requests to the list is a welcome and important contribution to developing Fop.

Read also the archive of the discussion list fop-dev to get an idea of the issues being discussed.

Look at the developer's code using cvs

Between releases the newest code can be accessed via cvs. To do this you need to install a cvs client on your computer, if it is not already there. An explanation how to connect to the An introduction into cvs and the cvs manual can be found in the

All changes to the code repository are sent to a special mailing list. After a cvs commit the diffs are automatically sent to this list. You can subscribe because it is important that you follow changes being made.

Contributing code, tests and documentation

If you want to contribute code (p.e. a bugfix), a test or documentation (p.e. an additional example), please do the following:

1) Make sure your code doesn't break the existing one and that Fop still compiles.

2) Create a file which shows the differences to the existing code.

One of the committers will test your code and commit it to the code repository.

If you have a test or useful bug test you should read this page.

BTW: The Apache project knows different roles for contributors, namely 'users', 'developers', 'committers' and the 'Project

Coding Conventions
all Java Language source code in the repository must be written in conformance to the Code Conventions for the Java Programming Language as published by Sun. Additionally we agreed on 4 spaces (no tabs) for indenting.

If you don't like those conventions, just use your own standards while developing and reformat the source before committing with a tool like astyle (Artistic Style).

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