hpoj reference: ptal-photod

The ptal-photod daemon implements the mtools "floppyd" network protocol. Its purpose is to let you use mtools as a portable method for reading and writing files on photo cards inserted in hpoj-supported multi-function peripherals. Such photo cards are normally formatted with an MS-DOS FAT or VFAT file system.

Click here for more information on setting up photo-card access with the hpoj software.


The ptal-photod command-line syntax is as follows:
	ptal-photod devname [options...]
Where: Recommended options: one (but usually not both) of the following: Other possible options (not necessary in most cases):



Given the following lines in /etc/mtools.conf (for all users) or ~/.mtoolsrc (for specific users):
        drive p: file=":0" remote
        drive q: file=":1" remote
        drive r: file=":2" remote
The mtools drive P: will be mapped to port 5703 on the local system, drive Q: will be mapped to port 5704, and drive R: will be mapped to port 5705.