HEVEA User Documentation
Version 1.06

Luc Maranget*
May 21, 2002

This manual also exists in compressed Postscript, PDF, and as a bundle of HTML files.
Abstract: HEVEA is a LATEX to HTML translator. The input language is a fairly complete subset of LATEX 2e (old LATEX style is also accepted) and the output language is HTML that is (hopefully) correct with respect to version 4.0 transitional.

Exotic symbols are translated into symbols pertaining to the symbol font of the HTML browser, using the now standard FACE attribute of the FONT tag. This allows the translation to HTML of quite a lot of the symbols used in LATEX.

HEVEA understands LATEX macro definitions. Simple user style files are understood with little or no modifications. Furthermore, HEVEA customization is done by writing LATEX code.

HEVEA is written in Objective Caml, as many lexers. It is quite fast and flexible. Using HEVEA it is possible to translate large documents such as manuals, books, etc. very quickly. All documents are translated as one single HTML file. Then, the output file can be cut into smaller files, using the companion program HACHA.

HEVEA can also be instructed to output plain text or info files.

Information on HEVEA is available at

This document consists in three parts, a tutorial introduction, a reference manual and some practical information. The latter part includes a small index.

This document was translated from LATEX by HEVEA and HACHA.