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Please note that, beginning with version 2.00, Hat is no longer distributed as part of the nhc98 compiler, but is completely independent.

The latest stable release of Hat is 2.00, available in various distribution formats (listed below). Important patches for the stable version are also provided. The development tree is at version 2.01 and is only available by CVS. Bugfixes and important changes to the system are described in the release notes for each version.

Don't forget to read the system requirements, first, and then the installation instructions.

Distribution packages

package machine version date size
Sources (.tar.gz) any 2.00 2002-06-11 500kb

Alternative locations:
Tarfiles and RPMs:

Known to compile for at least the following machine/OS combinations:
ix86Linux, NetBSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD
sparcsolaris2, SunOS4
mipsIRIX5, Ultrix-4.5, [NOT IRIX6]

All the documents available on the web are included in the source package. (* Please note that options/instructions for out-of-date packages may differ slightly from the ones on the web. Always follow the instructions from the package itself.)

The installation instructions should be comprehensive, but if you have any problems, please mail (You do not need to be a member of the list to post to it.)


patch name patch to date fixes what problem?
- hat v2.00 2002-06-11 There are no patches yet for Hat 2.00

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