Initializing an 11.9.2 Server

After installing Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise, you can initialize the server by following these steps.

First, su to the sybase user using the -l option.

su -l sybase

You should be presented with the a great deal of text and prompted at the end.

Do you want to start 'srvbuild' now? [y/n]

Answer 'y'. Next time you log in, you won't be prompted. If you were not prompted with that text, or if you accidentally answer something other than 'y', you can run the srvbuild command from the command line.

When you run svrbuild, a dialog will appear, prompting you to Click the check boxes for the types of servers to create and provide names for these servers.

select Adaptive Server
enter a server name, I usually use localhost but any name will do
select OK

A new dialog will appear, prompting you to enter filenames for Master and Sybsystemprocs device files, and device and database sizes for each.

enter /opt/sybase-11.9.2/master.dat for the Master device file
enter /opt/sybase-11.9.2/sybsystemprocs.dat for the Sybsystemprocs device file
Select Edit Advanced Adaptive Server Attributes

A new dialog will appear, prompting you to enter filenames for the Sybsystemdb device file, size and database sizes.

enter /opt/sybase-11.9.2/sybsystemdb.dat for the Sybsystemdb device file
Select Go Back

This should return you to the previous dialog.

Select Build Server!

A warning dialog will appear indicating that the files are not raw device files. Ignore this warning and select Yes to proceed.

A Status Output dialog will appear. As the database is built, the dialog provides feedback about the process. When it's done, select OK.

A dialog will appear above the Status Output dialog asking if you would like to localize your server. Select No on this dialog and Exit on the Status Output dialog. A final dialog will appear confirming that you want to exit. Select OK.