Fontconfig Developers Reference, Version 2.2.3

Keith Packard

HP Cambridge Research Lab

Table of Contents
3. Datatypes
3.1. FcChar8, FcChar16, FcChar32, FcBool
3.2. FcMatrix
3.3. FcCharSet
3.4. FcType
3.5. FcValue
3.6. FcPattern
3.7. FcFontSet
3.8. FcStrSet, FcStrList
3.9. FcObjectSet
3.10. FcObjectType
3.11. FcConstant
3.12. FcBlanks
3.13. FcFileCache
3.14. FcConfig
3.15. FcSetName
3.16. FcResult
3.17. FcAtomic
4.1. Initialization
FcInitLoadConfig -- load configuration
FcInitLoadConfigAndFonts -- load configuration and font data
FcInit -- initialize fontconfig library
FcGetVersion -- library version number
FcInitReinitialize -- re-initialize library
FcInitBringUptoDate -- reload configuration files if needed
4.2. FcPattern
FcPatternCreate -- Create a pattern
FcPatternDestroy -- Destroy a pattern
FcPatternEqual -- Compare patterns
FcPatternEqualSubset -- Compare portions of patterns
FcPatternHash -- Compute a pattern hash value
FcPatternAdd -- Add a value to a pattern
FcPatternAddWeak -- Add a value to a pattern with weak binding
FcPatternAdd-Type -- Add a typed value to a pattern
FcPatternGet -- Return a value from a pattern
FcPatternGet-Type -- Return a typed value from a pattern
FcPatternBuild -- Create patterns from arguments
FcPatternDel -- Delete a property from a pattern
FcPatternPrint -- Print a pattern for debugging
FcDefaultSubstitute -- Perform default substitutions in a pattern
FcNameParse -- Parse a pattern string
FcNameUnparse -- Convert a pattern back into a string that can be parsed
4.3. FcFontSet
FcFontSetCreate -- Create a font set
FcFontSetDestroy -- Destroy a font set
FcFontSetAdd -- Add to a font set
4.4. FcObjectSet
FcObjectSetCreate -- Create an object set
FcObjectSetAdd -- Add to an object set
FcObjectSetDestroy -- Destroy an object set
FcObjectSetBuild -- Build object set from args
4.5. FreeType specific functions
FcFreeTypeCharIndex -- map Unicode to glyph id
FcFreeTypeCharSet -- compute unicode coverage
FcFreeTypeQuery -- compute font file pattern
4.6. FcValue
FcValueDestroy -- Free a value
FcValueSave -- Copy a value
4.7. FcCharSet
FcCharSetCreate -- Create an empty character set
FcCharSetDestroy -- Destroy a character set
FcCharSetAddChar -- Add a character to a charset
FcCharSetCopy -- Copy a charset
FcCharSetEqual -- Compare two charsets
FcCharSetIntersect -- Intersect charsets
FcCharSetUnion -- Add charsets
FcCharSetSubtract -- Subtract charsets
FcCharSetHasChar -- Check a charset for a char
FcCharSetCount -- Count entries in a charset
FcCharSetIntersectCount -- Intersect and count charsets
FcCharSetSubtractCount -- Subtract and count charsets
FcCharSetIsSubset -- Test for charset inclusion
FcCharSetFirstPage -- Start enumerating charset contents
FcCharSetNextPage -- Continue enumerating charset contents
4.8. FcMatrix
FcMatrixInit -- initialize an FcMatrix structure
FcMatrixCopy -- Copy a matrix
FcMatrixEqual -- Compare two matrices
FcMatrixMultiply -- Multiply matrices
FcMatrixRotate -- Rotate a matrix
FcMatrixScale -- Scale a matrix
FcMatrixShear -- Shear a matrix
4.9. FcConfig
FcConfigCreate -- Create a configuration
FcConfigDestroy -- Destroy a configuration
FcConfigSetCurrent -- Set configuration as default
FcConfigGetCurrent -- Return current configuration
FcConfigUptoDate -- Check timestamps on config files
FcConfigBuildFonts -- Build font database
FcConfigGetConfigDirs -- Get config directories
FcConfigGetFontDirs -- Get font directories
FcConfigGetConfigFiles -- Get config files
FcConfigGetCache -- Get cache filename
FcConfigGetFonts -- Get config font set
FcConfigGetBlanks -- Get config blanks
FcConfigGetRescanInverval -- Get config rescan interval
FcConfigSetRescanInverval -- Set config rescan interval
FcConfigAppFontAddFile -- Add font file to font database
FcConfigAppFontAddDir -- Add fonts from directory to font database
FcConfigAppFontClear -- Remove all app fonts from font database
FcConfigSubstituteWithPat -- Execute substitutions
FcConfigSubstitute -- Execute substitutions
FcFontMatch -- Return best font
FcFontSort -- Return list of matching fonts
FcFontRenderPrepare -- Prepare pattern for loading font file
FcFontList -- List fonts
FcConfigFilename -- Find a config file
FcConfigParseAndLoad -- load a configuration file
4.10. FcObjectType
FcNameRegisterObjectTypes -- Register object types
FcNameUnregisterObjectTypes -- Unregister object types
FcNameGetObjectType -- Lookup an object type
4.11. FcConstant
FcNameRegisterConstants -- Register symbolic constants
FcNameUnregisterConstants -- Unregister symbolic constants
FcNameGetConstant -- Lookup symbolic constant
FcNameConstant -- Get the value for a symbolic constant
4.12. FcBlanks
FcBlanksCreate -- Create an FcBlanks
FcBlanksDestroy -- Destroy and FcBlanks
FcBlanksAdd -- Add a character to an FcBlanks
FcBlanksIsMember -- Query membership in an FcBlanks
4.13. FcAtomic
FcAtomicCreate -- create an FcAtomic object
FcAtomicLock -- lock a file
FcAtomicNewFile -- return new temporary file name
FcAtomicOrigFile -- return original file name
FcAtomicReplaceOrig -- replace original with new
FcAtomicDeleteNew -- delete new file
FcAtomicUnlock -- unlock a file
FcAtomicDestroy -- destroy an FcAtomic object
4.14. File and Directory routines
FcFileScan -- scan a font file
FcDirScan -- scan a font directory
FcDirSave -- save a directory cache
FcDirCacheValid -- check directory cache timestamp
4.15. FcStrSet and FcStrList
FcStrSetCreate -- create a string set
FcStrSetMember -- check set for membership
FcStrSetAdd -- add to a string set
FcStrSetAddFilename -- add a filename to a string set
FcStrSetDel -- delete from a string set
FcStrSetDestroy -- destroy a string set
FcStrListCreate -- create a string iterator
FcStrListNext -- get next string in iteration
FcStrListDone -- destroy a string iterator
4.16. String utilities
FcUtf8ToUcs4 -- convert UTF-8 to UCS4
FcUcs4ToUtf8 -- convert UCS4 to UTF-8
FcUtf8Len -- count UTF-8 encoded chars
FcUtf16ToUcs4 -- convert UTF-16 to UCS4
FcUtf16Len -- count UTF-16 encoded chars
FcStrCopy -- duplicate a string
FcStrCopyFilename -- copy a string, expanding '~'
FcStrCmpIgnoreCase -- compare UTF-8 strings ignoring ASCII case
FcStrDirname -- directory part of filename
FcStrBasename -- last component of filename


Fontconfig is a library designed to provide system-wide font configuration, customization and application access.