PLT DrScheme: Programming Environment Manual

PLT DrScheme: Programming Environment Manual

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Version 203
December 2002

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    1  About

    2  Interface Essentials
        2.1  Buttons
        2.2  The Editor
        2.3  The Interactions Window
        2.4  Errors
        2.5  Languages
        2.6  Executables
        2.7  Printed Results
            2.7.1  Constructor-style Output
            2.7.2  Quasiquote-style Output
        2.8  Input and Output
        2.9  XML
        2.10  The Test Suite Window

    3  Interface Reference
        3.1  Menus
            3.1.1  File
            3.1.2  Edit
            3.1.3  Show
            3.1.4  Language
            3.1.5  Scheme
            3.1.6  Special
            3.1.7  Windows
            3.1.8  Help
        3.2  Preferences
        3.3  Keyboard Shortcuts
            3.3.1  Moving Around
            3.3.2  Editing Operations
            3.3.3  File Operations
            3.3.4  Searching
            3.3.5  Miscellaneous
            3.3.6  Interactions
        3.4  DrScheme Files
            3.4.1  Program Files
            3.4.2  Backup and Autosave Files
            3.4.3  Preference Files

    4  Extending DrScheme
        4.1  Teachpacks
        4.2  Tools
        4.3  Environment Variables

    5  Frequently Asked Questions
        5.1  Supported Operating Systems and Installation
        5.2  Using DrScheme
        5.3  Memory and Performance
        5.4  Troubleshooting


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Thanks to Tim Hanson, Philippe Meunier, Francisco Solsona, and Reini Urban for their help translating DrScheme's GUI to other languages.

This manual was typest using LATEX, SLaTeX, and tex2page. Some typesetting macros were originally taken from Julian Smart's Reference Manual for wxWindows 1.60: a portable C++ GUI toolkit.

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