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Starting Off in Anjuta


Earlier developing Linux programs with a good Graphical User Interface had been a problem. With the creation of the GIMP Toolkit (GTK), it became an easier task. Even easier became the developing of GUI based programs, when GLADE, which is a tool for creating GUIs for the GTK applications, was written by Damon Chaplin. But yet GLADE cannot be called an Integrated Development Environment (like Visual Basic etc.) due to the fact that the programmers cannot edit the code generated by GLADE in GLADE's environment itself. Then came Anjuta!

Anjuta uses GLADE's power of creating nice GUIs and combines it with its own powerful code editing capabilities, thus evolving as an excellent IDE for rapid application development. Earlier people used GLADE for the GUI, and emacs or vi etc. for text editing and some terminal emulator for compiling their projects. All this, thanks to Anjuta, can now be done through one unified and intuitive interface. This is what a good Integrated User Interface is all about.

So come, let's waste no more time and jump straight into the world of Anjuta by creating a simple Hello World application. This tutorial will highlight more on the designing part with a little mention about the GTK code involved. (For more details about GTK, visit GTK's site )