Class Radius::Auth
In: radius/auth.rb
Parent: Object
check_passwd    new   
:@packet  [R] 

We can inspect and alter the contents of the internal RADIUS packet here (although this is probably not required for simple work)

Public Class methods
new(dictfilename, radhost, myip, timeout)

This method initializes the Auth object, given a dictionary filename to read, the RADIUS host[:port] to connect to, and a timeout value in seconds for the connection.

dictfilename:Dictionary filename to read
radhost:name of RADIUS server optionally followed by port number
myip:the client's own IP address (NAS IP address)
timeout:Timeout time
Public Instance methods
check_passwd(name, pwd, secret)

Verifies a username/password pair against the RADIUS server associated with the Auth object.

name:The user name to verify
pwd:The password associated with this name
secret:The RADIUS secret of the system
Return value

returns true or false depending on whether or not the attempt succeeded or failed.