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A Tour of NTL: Acknowledgements

  • Thanks to Arjen Lenstra and Keith Briggs for letting me use their software. Arjen Lenstra wrote LIP, a long integer package, which formed the basis of NTL. Keith Briggs developed a quadratic precision package. NTL has incorporated parts of these two packages, although what is in NTL has been extensively re-written. Thanks also to Keith for many helpful comments and suggestions.
  • Thanks to Juergen Gerhard for pointing out the deficiency in the NTL-1.0 ZZX arithmetic, for contributing the Schoenhage/Strassen code to NTL 1.5, and for helping to track down some bugs.
  • Thanks to Phong Nguyen for putting the new LLL code (NTL 1.7) through a torture test of lattices arising from new lattice-based cryptosystems; this led to a number of significant improvements in the LLL code.
  • Thanks to Dan Boneh for encouraging me to improve NTL's programming interface.
  • Thanks to John Abbott, Mark van Hoeij, and Paul Zimmermann for sharing many of their ideas about polynomial factoring over ZZ with me, which led to a number of improvements in NTL's factorizer.
  • Thanks to Joachim von zur Gathen and Erich Kaltofen for their collaboration and support over the years.